We carry a huge selection of craft, as well as domestic beers. We also have a wide variety of both red and white wines. We have all varieties of soda from all major distributors including Coca-Cola, Pepsi, 7-up, and many more.


~ Drive Thru ~

Here at Maxwell's, we have a wide variety of Alcoholic, as well as non alcoholic beverages for all to enjoy. We keep our coolers the coldest possible which enables us to ensure that each drink will be as refreshing as the last. We try to carry everything we possibly can, if you see something we do not have let us know and we will get it in.


Soft Drinks

We carry all major soft drinks from Pepsi, Coco-Cola, 7-up, and many more.
We carry 16oz can's, 20oz bottles, as wells as 12 packs and 2-liters

Energy Drinks

We have two full coolers dedicated to the vitalizing MONSTER energy drink. We carry just about all flavors and sizes.

We also carry all sizes and many flavors of Redbull, as well as NOS, Rockstar, Venom, and AMP.

Coffee Drinks

We carry Starbucks Coffee's and Monster Coffee Iced Drinks


From Apple to Orange juice, and everything in between


We carry one gallon milk from Smith's, as well as Nesquik single serve milks


~ Beer ~

We carry over 180 different kinds of beer.

All of the major beers for Anheuser Busch, Miller, Coors, Corona, Pabst,
 Natural, Redds, Old Milwaukee and much, much more.


~ Craft Beer ~

We have a huge selection of craft beer, and its growing everyday.
We carry craft from all over the country with different flavors, accents, styles and strength.

If you've had something that we don't, and you would like us to get it,
let one of the team members know and we will do our best to get it in!